A circle is round, it has no end…

Ever meet someone and it feel like you have known them for ever? Whether it’s because they have the same interests, parent in a similar way, or they are just easy going, when you meet a friend like that it sure makes whatever life throws at you much easier to handle. Amy, from the day we met, has been someone I could call in a pinch, could get a recommendation for everything from pizza to pediatricians, and be the sounding board every friend needs.

I found this little antique bucket a while back and loved the size, shape character it had. It has been sitting in my studio, waiting for the perfect excuse to paint it. For Amy’s birthday, I monogrammed an “m” for her last name with a simple wreath, symbolizing what the girl scouts have known for a long time. “A circle is round, it has no end…that’s how long I’m going to be your friend.”

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