Better With Time

She’s a Chardonnay. I’m a Riesling. She’s a thinker and a doer. I’m a dreamer and a creator. She’s got her ducks in a spreadsheet, color coded in rows. I’ve got my ducks posing in front of the barn in just the right light…I’ll get them in a row in a minute.

Although we are so different in so many ways, she is my balance, my partner in the “sandbox” (insert shameless plug here…, but above all, she is my friend.

One of my first interactions with Meg was my daughter’s very first dance competition nine years ago. We stepped into the huge, crowded arena at Mt. St. Mary’s and just as I began to realize how incredibly out of my league I was, I heard someone from behind say, “Hi! Can I help you find your stage?” And there was Meg, ready to help, ready with information, and as always, with smile.

Meg is a fascinating person. Every time we are gathered around sharing stories, Meg will come up with some random tidbit of information about her life that leave us in awe. “Oh, I’m a certified ASL interpreter on the side.” “That time I lived in Paris as a kid…” “I’ve never done this but give me a moment and I’ll create a document on how to do it.”

Having moved around quite a bit with the military, I’ve been fortunate to find friendships at each of the places we’ve lived that transcend the test of time and distance. It’s these friendships I’ve made along the way that help me appreciate the journey. Meg is one of those friends. Cheers to you, Meg!

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  1. I am deeply touched by this blog post… simultaneously embarrassed and quite honored… CHEERS to you, my friend!!! I’m so grateful for the many sand castles that we share, both in the sandbox and in life! Love you lots.


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