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139. The number on the little cape house where I grew up. Modest by all means on the outside, but inside was filled with music, creativity, Italian food and stories. Our younger years were lean… something my brothers and I only realized and appreciated as adults and raising children of our own. Yet as kids, somehow we felt like we had it all. Our parents never shared their burdens with us and made it look so easy. Even after nearly 60 years, they still made it look easy! Simplicity. Thoughtfulness. Attention to detail. Love. Leftovers. These were always in abundance in that little cape house.

I earned a degree in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and it was there that I learned that it is truly “in the details that the angels and the devils dwell.” We pushed the boundaries of typography while simultaneously hand drawing the classics with a rapidograph and bristol board. Be creative but understand and appreciate your foundation. Since those Suzie-Q fueled sleepless nights, I have worked at several small and large design firms, and for twenty years have enjoyed a successful freelance career in graphic design, remembering always to mind the details.

After several moves with the military, my husband, Matt and my three girls, Bailey, Meghan and Colleen, settled down into our “someday house” that we had always dreamed of. New (very old) house, new friends, new schools, new jobs, new beginnings, and a chance to really start with a blank canvas. For me, it has been about getting back to my roots and doing what makes me most happy… creating with purpose, telling a story, and sharing my talents to bring joy to others.

My original thought was to create 52 unique pieces in 52 weeks, using 52 inspirations from my life and blogging about them, telling their story and explaining why I chose the medium, typeface etc. As most plans do, mine evolved into helping to share other’s stories and milestones through unique projects that incorporate my love for lettering, drawing, repurposed, recycled materials and antiques. I use only naturally aged pine (some pieces are nearly 100 years old!) and I hand paint all of my pieces. No stencils or vinyl are used, ever. Custom designs are always welcome and I enjoy sharing the creative process with my clients. I love where this creative journey has taken me, and look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Peruse my galleries and shop, check out my Instagram and Facebook pages (#139handcrafted) to see stuff in progress and of course, if you see something that strikes a chord, please tell me about it. If you want something unique created just for you, please feel free to email me.

And why a partridge? Perhaps it is coincidence that my dad grew up on 58 Partridge Ave in a laurel green house and my little family settled into our “someday house,” a quaint 275 year old laurel green colonial, #58! Simplicity. Thoughtfulness. Attention to detail. Love. Leftovers. That’s what it’s all about.

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