Ordinary Every Day

Well, I think I have a problem. I went to take a picture of these little beauties on the chair rail of my studio and noticed a little crack in my wall. My husband pulled off some of the nearly 300 year old horse hair plaster to reveal planks of gorgeous, aged cedar. And my first thought was, “Can I paint them????” Um, needless to say they are NOT being pulled out of the wall to be painted.

But it did get me thinking about how the ordinary every day can become extraordinary. That old piece of wood collecting dust can turn into something cherished and beautiful once painted. And that is also why I LOVE to paint loved one’s handwriting because one day it is just a simple note, but after they are gone, it is their voice, their memory, their love.

And I guess, we can be like that old wall, that when you peel back some of the layers, what you find is something strong, resilient and gorgeous. Sometimes you need that crack to reveal what you are truly made of.

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