The Bells

As I dug through the bins in the attic, pulling out decorations for the holiday season, I came across a set of little plastic golden Christmas bells on a string. It was my job, as the littlest helper, to find a place to hang the little string of bells. I took great pride in finding just the perfect place (and now looking back, I am sure it gave my parents some much needed time to decorate without me pestering them).

How could something so incredibly small yank on my heartstrings year after year? My brothers and I often joke that when my parents leave this earth, we will not be squabbling over the house or money, we will be drawing straws for the macaroni angel that’s been hung in the kitchen window for 58 years at 139.

That little string of bells. It is a reminder to me that what is important is not the expensive gifts. In fact, the best gift, the gift of time, is free! It is a reminder to me that there is beauty in even the most ordinary and unlikely things. That traditions are important. They connect us to both our past and future. It is a reminder to me to cherish even the smallest of things, be it a good deed done, a beautiful sunrise, or a sweet memory.

It’s so easy this time of year to get caught up in the craziness of the upcoming holiday season. Especially this year, let us take a few moments to cherish the traditions and moments both big and small that make the holiday season magical year after year. Let us give the greatest present to the ones we love…our presence. And let us share with one another kindness, which our world needs so much of right now. As for me, I’ll be finding the perfect place to hang that little string of bells.

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