Finding My Way

I love what I do. I love to paint, I love to play with letters, I love to breathe life into old things and make them something new, something cherished. I love unplugging and doing. I love bringing joy to people’s lives. I love telling stories. I love hearing stories. I love this crooked path that has lead me to where I am, and I love the thought of where it may take me from here.

So where am I, almost a year after I started this little thing I call 139handcrafted? My vision for this journey was initially to paint 52 pieces in 52 weeks, sharing 52 stories of loved ones on this blog. I quickly realized that my path would take a more meandering route, not only telling my own stories, but helping others to tell theirs as well. This has given me the greatest purpose in what I do. Whether it is preserving a loved one’s handwriting, or monogramming a toy box, knowing it will bring a sense of joy to someone near and dear is the best feeling.

I had the privilege of creating a special tray for my brother-in-law’s dad, who recently celebrated a big birthday. The words he used to describe his dad were “strong,” “selfless,” “rugged,” and “leader.”  His dad loves to sail so we thought it fitting to make a tray from aged barn wood and use boat cleats for the handles. A light house was the perfect symbol to represent his father’s strong, unwavering, guiding light. They had a special bond with the Point Judith light house. The anonymous light house quote tied it all together.

A father is neither
An anchor to hold us back,
Nor a sail to take us there,
But a guiding light
Whose love shows us the way.

I love this picture of him receiving his gift! Truly a very special moment and I’m so thankful they shared it with me!! THIS is why I do what I do, truly.

Much like a sailor relying on the lighthouse to guide him safely on his way, I, too, am finding my way, letting everyone’s light guide me, and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for following me on this journey!

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