Erin’s Mom

I knew right away when I saw her post, I had to create something.

My friend, Erin, lost her mom to cancer a few years back. She posted a picture of an ornament her mom had given her in October, when they celebrated one last “Christmas” with her. Christmas was her favorite holiday so they celebrated in October that year so she could enjoy it with them, with family gathered around. Every year, Erin’s mom would give her an ornament, with a simple inscription on the back. Normally, it would get hung on the tree without much thought, however this was the last ornament she would receive from her beloved mom, and because of that, it meant so much more.

In all of Erin’s posts about her mom and her journey with cancer, she remained positive, always finding the brighter side of the situation, while being totally honest, sharing her pain, ever trusting in the Lord’s plan. While I never knew her mom, I got to know her through Erin’s posts and she was an extraordinary person. Compassionate, generous, witty…I could see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Erin, either. What started out as a kind gesture for a friend really made me stop and thank my lucky stars for my own wonderful mom, who still cooks the seven fish Italian Christmas Eve for about 50 people every year. Each day is a gift to be cherished and I am thankful for that little reminder from my friend and her mom.

For Erin’s piece, I was able to take the image of the inscription on the back of the ornament and translate it onto a flat space. I chose to keep it simple… opaque white lettering on reclaimed barn wood, giving it a warm, organic feeling, and letting her mom’s handwriting “speak.” Wrapped in a bright red bow, I dropped it off on her doorstep Christmas Eve, hoping she could hear her mom and feel her presence that Christmas and for years to come.

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