The Countdown

  Deployments are hard. Really hard. Hard enough when you have to manage your own emotions, but so much harder when you have little ones who have all the same emotions but have no idea how to deal with them. For an adult, six, nine, eighteen months can be broken down into chunks. “If I … Read more

Off to Ireland!

To say my girls are an inspiration to me is a huge understatement. But this week especially, I sit in awe of each of them. We are over in Dublin to watch Bailey and Colleen dance in the Irish Dance World Championships, a prestigious event that they qualified for at their regional and national championships. Of course … Read more

A circle is round, it has no end…

Ever meet someone and it feel like you have known them for ever? Whether it’s because they have the same interests, parent in a similar way, or they are just easy going, when you meet a friend like that it sure makes whatever life throws at you much easier to handle. Amy, from the day … Read more

Better With Time

She’s a Chardonnay. I’m a Riesling. She’s a thinker and a doer. I’m a dreamer and a creator. She’s got her ducks in a spreadsheet, color coded in rows. I’ve got my ducks posing in front of the barn in just the right light…I’ll get them in a row in a minute. Although we are … Read more

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Ask any family with Irish dancers what “march madness” means and they won’t mention basketball! To us it means dancing, dancing, shamrock shakes and more dancing! 51 weeks out of the year they dance competitively. But St. Patrick’s week, it’s all for fun. It’s a week filled with dancing from pub to pub, visiting church … Read more

Erin’s Mom

I knew right away when I saw her post, I had to create something. My friend, Erin, lost her mom to cancer a few years back. She posted a picture of an ornament her mom had given her in October, when they celebrated one last “Christmas” with her. Christmas was her favorite holiday so they … Read more

The Green Cookie

Everyone has stories from their youth that make you both laugh and cringe at the same time. To this day, my brother, Steven and I argue over the dreaded green cookie. He says he tried to warn me the green was not frosting. I contend he handed it to me with a smile. Regardless, the … Read more